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Code of Conduct

General Behavior and Discipline

The school staff and parents are jointly responsible for teaching students the importance of respectful behavior to enhance student learning. Students are taught to be responsible for their own behavior.

Discipline is the process of holding students accountable for their actions and it should always be a learning experience for the individual. Discipline protects the rights of the group, as well as the individual. It is a process where anger management and conflict resolution skills are learned and applied by the student. Most problems are minor and infrequent and can be corrected by a staff member and the student working together.

It is our hope that in maintaining high expectations at school, students will be able to generalize the acceptable standards of conduct and problem-solving skills into their larger world.

Cedar Trails students will follow the “Wolf Pack Pledge:”


Student Conduct Expectations can be found in ISD Regulation 3241.

First page of the PDF file: BehaviorMatrix21-22


  • Use the Internet and technology in accordance with the District Responsible Use Guide (ISD Regulation 2022P) and only with adult direction and supervision. No photographs, videos or recordings can be taken or used covertly.
  • Student cell phones, smart watches, and other interactive devices must remain off and in backpacks on school property, unless used during teacher directed academic activities.

If a cell phone, smart watch or other interactive device rings during school hours or is otherwise a distraction, the device will be confiscated by the teacher until a parent can make arrangements to pick up the device.