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Parking and Traffic Safety



  • NO school district adult supervision prior to 9:00 AM.  Please do NOT drop off your student(s) prior to 9:00 AM.
  • Be ready to exit the car INDEPENDENTLY before arriving at the drop-off area.
  • Have materials in hand and be ready to go
  • Know how you will be picked up in the afternoon
  • If you need additional time, pull out of the drop-off lane and into a parking space so others behind you may safely and quickly unload
  • Exit only on the curb side.
  • If walking from a parking space, use the crosswalks and follow the directions of the paras or supervising adults
  • Use the sidewalk to quietly walk to the covered basketball court to wait for the entry bell
  • Students proceed directly to class at the 9:05am bell


  • Not permitted at this time.  If we get a pedestrian gate at the back of the property, we will revisit at that time.



A para and student crossing guards will be stationed at the intersection where the buses and cars divide (at the top of the hill that enters into to Cedar Trails), at the drop off lane, bus loop, and the covered basketball court starting at 9:00am each morning to assist students.

Students are to follow the path adjacent to the bus loop and walk to the basketball court until the first bell rings at 9:05. At that time, students are to proceed to their assigned classrooms through the designated route for each grade.

Bus Riders

Students riding the bus will get off their bus at 9:05 am and will walk directly to their assigned classroom through the designated route for each grade level.

Car Drop-offs

Cars will be directed around the entrance of the school to the drop off-lane in front of the building. Please pull all the way to the front of the drop off loop. Once at the front of the drop-off lane, students may get out of their cars independently and go through the commons to the covered basketball area.

Once on the basketball court, for supervision purposes, students are not to enter the building until they are directed to do so by their teacher or a para.

Students who come to school after the 9:15am tardy bell should enter by the office entrance to receive a tardy slip before they proceed to their class.

Cars should not be left unattended in the drop-off lane for any reason or for any length of time. Don’t forget to pull all the way forward!

Bicycle Riders and Scooters

At this time, we will not have bicycle riders or scooters.  If we get a gate at the back of the school property, we will revisit at that time.  



Teachers will work together to determine which teacher will walk their students out of the building to the bus loop, to Wolf Club and to the parent loop. Teachers will monitor/adjust as the year goes on. All grade levels will use designated stairwells to exit the building.