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Student Placement Process


Cedar Trails Elementary Student Assignment Process

The following assignment process is used to ensure the success of each Cedar Trails’ student. 


Estimated Timeline 

Parents/Guardians may provide written input on class assignment by completing the Parent Input process in the spring. 

April 15 - May 15 

Teachers and specialists work together to create balanced classes using ten criteria: 

  1. The program needs of the child 
  2. A balanced ratio of boys to girls 
  3. A balance of achievement levels in reading and mathematics within each class 
  4. Motivation level of each student 
  5. Behavior factors regarding each student 
  6. Compatibility of students with others, i.e. separating students who haven't worked well together in the past 
  7. Social needs 
  8. Independent work habits 
  9. Leadership skills 
  10. Recommendations of teacher, principal, guidance team, specialists, and parents 


Adjustments made to incorporate new and outgoing students. 

End of June through August 

Each grade level team works with specialists to check class lists for balance.  Parents are then notified by Family Access of their child's classroom teacher. 

Creating or eliminating class after school begins in September. 

  • Based on the "10 criteria for placement", the previous grade level teachers create a new balanced class(es). 
  • Students, placed in the new class(es), are informed by written correspondence. 
  • A welcoming event of students, parents and the new classroom teachers will take place shortly after the formation of the new class(es). 

Early September 

Parents and staff evaluate how the classroom assignments are working for students.  If there are concerns the teacher and parents will meet to problem solve. 


Follow-up on any earlier concerns: 

  • Parent and teacher continue to communicate. Facilitator available upon request.
  • Teacher and principal discuss the issues.
  • Principal and/or psychologist/counselor observes the child in the classroom.
  • Parents and/or teacher meet with principal if a change in class assignment is desired.

After the first 10 days of school and step 5 has been completed 

Parent and/or teacher fill out a Review of Assignment Form. 


Current grade level teachers, or guidance team, or both will meet with the principal to determine the next course of action. (Parents may give verbal or written input at these meetings.) 

When step 6 is completed

Parents will be informed of the group decision by the principal. 

When step 8 is completed 

Every effort will be made to resolve any problems associated with assignment within 30 school days. 

Student Placement Review 

Date: ________________________________

Child’s Name: ____________________________ 

Your Name: _________________________ 

Phone Number: __________________________ 

Teacher: ____________________________

Grade: ___________________________________ 


Please answer each question or statement completely: 

1.      What is your primary reason for requesting a review of assignment? 


2.      What specific event, if any, prompted your request? 



3.      What has your child/student expressed about his/her classroom assignment? 


4.      What specific behavior(s) has your child/student demonstrated to indicate his/her feelings about this assignment? 


5.      Please explain the problem-solving strategies you and the teacher/parent have discussed and implemented. 


6.      Briefly outline why the strategies described in #5 have not been successful in resolving the concern. 


7.      Without naming a specific teacher, what type of learning environment do you believe would be more appropriate for your child/student?